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We at Best Home Security System, offer the best home security systems for you to choose from. Our reviews and ratings are based on research and information gather from various sources.

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We at offer the best home security systems for you to choose. Our reviews and ratings is based on research and information gather from various sources.


Are you looking for the best home security system? It's not as difficult as it's made to look like. In this article, we will explore more about home security systems and the few steps you need to take to select the most compatible home security system for your loved ones.

What is a Home Security System?
homesecuritysystemsA home security system is a combination of devices which help you keep your home, belongings, and your family safe, even when you are not around. The best home security system will provide you with the following devices:

  1. An alarm that will trigger off during any unauthorized entry into your house.
  2. Motion detectors at appropriate areas of the house. This also captures video if set.
  3. A remote device that will alert you if some irregularity is captured on any of your motion detectors. This device can also be set to alert the authorities and/or paramedics if there is a requirement.

A home security system is essential if your home stays locked for the most part of the day.

How does it work?
The best home security system is a combination of all the devices. While the motion detector captures unauthorized entry, the alarm will give you an audio warning about any possible crime. The remote device lets you do all this and more while you are away from your house.

What is a Home Security System used for?
Though the name suggests that it's a "home" security system, these systems are common in business environments too. More than capturing crime, home security systems help reduce crime by acting as a visual deterrent. In large properties like malls and airports, security systems are far more advanced and large scaled than these plans, but the principle behind it is similar.

How do I choose the best Home Security System?
It isn't too difficult to select the best Home Security System. Once you select a provider, they usually send a consultant to take a look at your home and give you a realistic estimation of the risky areas and where you need security systems installed. When selecting the best home security system, consider these:

  1. burglaryHow is their feedback?
  2. Are they trying to over sell me?
  3. How much of a coverage do I really need?
  4. Should I buy the product or be on rent?
  5. What are the kind of crimes relevant in my area?

When the consultant visits you, make sure you have these questions answered:

  • How many motion detectors do I need?
  • What are the available options?
  • What's the quality guarantee / warranty for the products?
  • Is there a need for a wireless security system?
  • Can I access my home security system via my computer or smart phone? What are the charges?

These few questions will help you decide which is the best home security system for you.

Stay Safe from Scams
While it is an industry promising to provide you the best home security system, a lot of companies are out there only to earn some fat cash. Here is a list of the most common home security system scams you can come across:

1. Free Home Security System: This usually starts with a consultant walking up to your door offering the best home security system for free. The system that is provided after that is not only inadequate but will also require you to pay a "nominal monthly charge", which if you compare is a lot more expensive than what you will get if you buy an actual home security system.

2. Technical Upgrade: There are companies who approach you promising an upgrade in the system because of changes in the way the police or paramedics have changed their systems. This is just a cheap way to buy a client off another provider. If you don't have any complaint against your current provider, make sure to ask them once before you sign a contract with another provider.

3. Limited Time Offer: Discounts and special devices for a limited time always refers to trouble. These are usually offered by companies on a very tight business deadline and don't really care about the kind of product or service they are providing. Stay away from companies like these and rather opt for the trusted ones. Always research the market for competitive quotes rather than falling prey to these rush tactics.

4. High Crime Rates: Providers desperate to pitch their products as the best home security system available for you will try to get you to buy their system with phony stories of how their product recently helped prevent a crime. It's always best to check with the police for statistics of crimes before rushing into putting your money into false home security system.

Getting the best Home Security System
When you are looking for the best home security system, make sure to do a thorough round of research. Get quotes, compare prices and feedback, ensure the quality of devices before taking a call. Most home security system companies will rush you into selecting them. But take your time. Ask these questions to choose the best home security system:

  1. securitysystemWhy do I need a home security system?
  2. What's the crime rate like in my area? Has my house ever been broken into? If yes, could a home security system have prevented it?
  3. Should I opt for a local company or a national one?
  4. How much is the device costing?
  5. What are the alert options available?
  6. How quick is the response time to complaints and faulty equipment?

Best Home Security Systems and Cost Involved
It's difficult to answer how much the best home security system would cost you. It depends on the plan you choose, the coverage you need, and most importantly the kind of devices you install. You can get one starting at $99 and can go into thousands depending on the size of your house. The best way to approach the cost factor of investing in a home security system is to set a fixed amount you want to spend and the kind of installations you want in your house. While a little flexibility is advised depending on the requirement of your house, don't go overboard.

Once you find the best home security system and know that your home is safe, it's a feeling of peace and tranquility. Make sure you keep your devices up-to-date and functioning perfectly. Don't hesitate to call your provider as soon as you see any glitch. You never know when you need your best home security system.

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